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“The Gospel is only good news

if it gets there in time.”

Carl F. H. Henry

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Service To Servants works exclusively in Liberia, West Africa serving those who are bringing the light of Jesus Christ to the precious people there that God loves deeply.

  We are an I.R.S.  501(c)3 tax exempt charitable organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Tennessee


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For we do not preach ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus' sake.

2 Corinthians 4:5 (NIV)

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Page last updated: 6/6/2012

"Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God"

William Carey

Missionary and Bible Translator to India

Liberia – June 6, 2012 (Leadership Principles, day 1)


Dan’s on today teaching the first of a 2 day course on the principles of leadership.  So the team is off again before 7:00am.  I stay behind to finish a project for a client that I didn’t complete before leaving.  Successful.  Went by Liberia Bank International to deposit funds for the next container’s clearance.  Then out to Rafiki Village to make a personal invite to Saturday’s NGO party as I couldn’t get through on Dave’s phone.  Turns out he’s in Florida but coming back on Friday.  Hopefully Babs will be able to wake him up in time for the party.


Then out to Bensonville (Bentol) for the rest of the conference.  Riding a motorcycle behind dump trucks for extended periods of time makes for dirty shirts.  Pants leg up against the header pipe makes for holes in dress pants.  Riding through Red Light at any time makes for excitement.  Enjoying the bike.


More attendees (43) than books today.  Tons of interaction.  Looking forward to tomorrow.


Liberia – June 5, 2012 (The Diamond Life)


Today is “the” day for Dave and Jonathan who will be teaching The Diamond Life to a group of pastors and other church leaders from the local community.  Dave is nervous and has prepared enough for a semester of college credit.  (The Diamond Life is a pattern of living based upon Ephesians which teaches individuals the Biblical model of self leadership.  I will be teaching our church this through a 6 week series beginning in July.)


The morning starts early at 5:30 as we have a 6:45 departure time.  TIA (This is Africa) in that the Ford Truck will not start.  Most of the team is sent on to begin the teaching while 3 of us stay with Victor as he attempts to fix the problem.  It ends up being the heavy wire along the side of the starter.  We know this because Victor takes the motorcycle into Congo Town and wakes up the automechanic and brings him back to the compound.  He spends about an hour, fixes the problem and charges us $10.  Not bad.  But then again the average wage in Liberia is $2 per DAY.  So maybe it’s a reasonable amount.  Still, for a home visit from the auto doctor I feel pretty good.  We’re off to join the others at 10am.


The conference is in full swing when we arrive.  They’ve just finished playing indoor kickball (Dave needed a diamond to teach and Liberians don’t play baseball).


The conference went well and the Purpose/Calling base (home plate) generated the most questions.  Understanding God’s calling on a person’s life is still a hot topic everywhere.


Back home we have a hearty and flavorful dinner courtesy of Louise and her kitchen crew.  We bath, debrief and get ready for another early start tomorrow.  Dan Shogren will begin a two day series on Leadership.  I’m looking forward to it.



Liberia – June 4, 2012 (preparations)


Today is a low stress day.  We sleep in until breakfast at 8am (3am my time).  Breakfast is tasty with oatmeal, eggs, coffee cake and fresh pineapple.


The goal today is to travel to Bensonville (Bentol) and do a walk through of the next 3 days training.  As mentioned earlier, we have a mixture of participants which include governmental officials, local community leaders, church leaders and University of Liberia professors.  There will be a mixture of believers and non-believers and likely some adherants to the muslim faith.  Here’s the schedule:


June 4 – Diamond Life – Leading from Within (David Bearchell)

June 5 & 6 – 5 Levels of Leadership modeled loosely on a book by John Maxwell (Dan Shogren)

June 11 – Project Management Skills (Tony Leek)

June 12 & 13 – Developing and Implementing a Local Project Plan


It is my prayer that 12Stone Church will own Leadership Training in Liberia.  This is part of their DNA and fits with STS’s goal of finding the best organizations in the world, introducing them to Liberia and getting out of the way.


We left the compound at 10am for the hour long ride to Bensonville.  It would only be a half-hour trip if the community of Red Light was not in the way.  It’s hard to describe the congestion of this roadside community of street vendors, trucks and general bedlam.  New York City has no clue what congestion is really like.


The run through at the William R. Tolbert Jr. Center for Youth Enlightenment and Empowerment goes well.  This is a facility that Christine Norman’s father put into place when he was president of Liberia.


We leave for home at 3pm and the trip back through Red Light is even more congested.  It’s crazy and reminds me of why Liberia is so exciting.  The non-fifty/sixty year olds go over to swim in the ocean at ELWA and a couple of us sit on the beach and enjoy the moderate temperature.  Suddenly I hear a voice from a car yelling “Rodney, Rodney.”  It turns out to be Taylor Chahoy, also from 12Stone, who came over on last year’s trip and is back with a fellow nursing student friend to serve for a month at the ELWA hospital.  Amazing.  She set this up all on her own.  I also hear that Jeremiah Klinect (from the 2010 12Stone trip) is coming over to work at Rafiki Village Orphanage and School.  Great news!


We make it back to the compound to find Philip Tutu, leader for Equip in West Africa.  He’s a friend of David’s and flew from Ghana to Liberia to join us for this week’s leadership training sessions.  He joins us for dinner (grilled fish, rice with potato greens, vinager slaw, sweet bread and fresh pineapple).  He’s a sharp guy and I’m anxious to know him better.


We’re off to bed early in preparation for tomorrow (although I woke back up at 11pm and am typing this now).  Oh well, tomorrow’s David and Jonathan’s day to present so I’ll have an easy time of it.


Liberia – June 3, 2012 (arrival)


Of course now we’re on Africa time and the ground time in Accra is a little longer than normal.  (I find out later that there was a ground accident between a plane and a truck at Accra earlier which likely caused the entire day’s operations to be disrupted.) 


Upon arriving at Roberts Field in Liberia we find Robert and Emma Cuppah there to meet us along with Victor and William, faithful drivers.  We’re delivered to Laurance and Christine Norman’s compound in Paynesville where the hopitality and food are, as always, excellent.  We had speghetti and meatballs, toasted bread, cucumber salad, coffee cake and fresh pineapple.  A welcome meal after decent but unexciting airplane food.


I am excited to be in Liberia but I have to say that I regret not being at church today since a good friend, Tim Baker, is filling in for me.  It would be great just to hear him.


I called Gayla to let her know that I was here safe and sound.  She let me know that today’s church service went well and that we had some of our college students who came back for a summer visit just because they missed us.  Good times.


Liberia – June 2, 2012 (the journey begins)


This morning I awoke early, loaded my bags into the truck and took the motorcycle into the office to try to get a few hours work in before catching the Groome’s shuttle to the Atlanta airport.  Gayla will meet me at the office and drop me off at the shuttle pick up point which is convenient at Exit 78A in Murfreesboro.  $78 and you get picked up near home and dropped off in front of the Delta International ticket counter at ATL.  A great deal and much less than just the parking would be.


I met the team (6 of them were new to me) at about 6pm at Gate E32.  Here’s the team:

1.     David Beachell – STS board member and long time friend

2.     Dan Shogren – Leadership trainer extrodinaire

3.     Tony Leek – Project Management guru

4.     Danielle Williams – 12Stone missions intern and multi-trip Liberia experience

5.     Amy Lyford – 2010 Liberia trip attendee and a wonderful young lady

6.     Erica Bane -12Stone

7.     Hogan Bassey – 12Stone - Originally from Nigeria

8.     Jonathan Jimenez – 12Stone

9.     Miatta Camanor – 12Stone, Liberian

10.     Zachary Lovelace


The flight leaves about an hour late but we make it into Accra, Ghana on time. 


Pre-Liberia – June 1, 2012


Today was supposed to be the day I put things in order at the office so that I could be gone for 2 weeks and still keep 4 people billable.  Instead it was spent loading the most difficult shipping container for Liberia that we’ve ever loaded.  The contents were primarily building supplies for a dormitory in Eastern Liberia for an orphanage that one of our shippers supports.  Loading thousands of pounds of roof trusses and other odd shaped items turned out to be quite the job.  Thankfully John Spurgeon, jail ministry minister from New Vision Baptist Church in Murfreesboro used his contacts at the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Department to inlist the help of 7 men who were in the minimum security Work Center.  They were a tremendous help and likely the only reason we made it through.  But another load of God’s provision for the fatherless is on its way to Liberia.


Thankfully my wonder wife has done all the packing for me and I can sleep a few hours before heading into the office early before my departure for Atlanta.  Whoever finds a wife finds a good thing.  True words indeed.

Liberia Bound


STS is privileged to provide logistical support for a team of 10 from 12Stone Church to Liberia.  The team will teach 6 days of leadership training to members of the Liberian government, Bensonville community leaders and leaders from various churches.


The team departs June 2nd from Atlanta and returns June 16th.  I will provide limited throughts from each day’s activities and also point you to the official 12Stone team blog which you can find at: Recommendation


While in Liberia recently I read the book When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor...and yourself (Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert).

I strongly recommend this book for churches, mission organizations, benevolence groups and individuals who want to actually help the people they serve rather than simply become enablers.

Less than $10 new at Amazon.

STS in Liberia (June 4 – 20, 2011)

Follow the daily story here (thru Mon, June 13) which includes pictures.

Tues - June 14, Wed – June 15, Thu – June 16, Fri – June 17, Sat – June 18


Get a different perspective here: 12Stone Church – Water’s Edge blog


Rodney Edwards’ personal observations are here.


Here’s an update, with pictures, on the STS Compound.


Another 70 Pastors’ Resource Kits are on their way to Liberia

Thanks to the assistance of Shannon Craver (and many others) 70 more Liberian pastors will receive the following books:


HPIM1494The Strongest NASB Exhaustive Concordance

Holman Bible Atlas

Matthew Henry’s Commentary

The MacArthur Study Bible

Nave’s Topical Bible

Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words

Knowing Scripture by R. C. Sproul

Developing the Leader Within You by John Maxwell





Shannon Craver completes another Pastor’s Resource Kit for Liberia.


Rest In Peace Salayah


One of our boys died today.  It punctuates the frustrations and heartbreak that occur daily in Liberia.  He began complaining about stomach pains and was taken to the only medical facility available in the area, a small clinic with no doctor, no medicine and only primitive medical capabilities.  Salayah was kept at the clinic for observation and died during the night of an undiagnosed appendicitis.  It would likely have not made a difference if the diagnosis had been made since it’s almost impossible to reach any type of surgically equipped facility in less than several hours (when a vehicle is available).



 Salayah lived on the Village property and he was 15 years old. He was born in Bong County (Central Liberia) He is from the Kpelle tribe. He was in the 6th Grade class.  He was one of the ministries first kids.

Salayah was given to us in April of 2004 and was living with us till his untimely death on the morning of November 26th.  He is the young man in the center of the photograph wearing yellow shorts.


JOHANNESBURG— From Tuesday's Globe and Mail      Published Tuesday, Oct. 05, 2010 2:39AM EDT

“The fastest-improving African country is Liberia”


“The fastest-improving African country is Liberia, which endured a series of civil wars from 1989 to 2003 that killed more than 200,000 people. Since the wars ended, Liberia has boosted its score from 28 to 44 on a scale where 100 is highest. Much of this progress has been achieved under Africa’s first elected woman president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who won office in 2005. “Liberia was an absolute basket case,” said Mamphela Ramphele, a board member of the Ibrahim Foundation. “Under its first woman president, we’re seeing Liberia improve on all counts.” Daniel Kaufmann, a former anti-corruption campaigner at the World Bank who is now a special adviser to the Ibrahim index, said countries such as Liberia and Ghana show that governance can be improved radically in Africa. “Liberia in all dimensions has made enormous improvements over the past five years or more,” he said at a press conference in Johannesburg on Monday to launch the latest index.”



Despite the perception of pervasive corruption and chaos in Africa, there are huge variations in governance across the continent, and some countries are remarkably well-governed. “There is nothing ‘African’ about poor governance,” Oxford University economist Paul Collier said in an analysis of the latest index. “Were the standards of the best to become general, Africa would be a well-governed region.”

African countries with poor governance, meanwhile, are likely to see a decline in their health and economic status. A study by Mr. Collier found a much faster improvement in child mortality rates in the best-governed African nations.

See the article at Highlights from the Ibrahim index on African governance

Product Details


Richard Morris, board member of STS has published a book of fiction providing insight into the history and culture of Liberia.  We invite you to purchase a copy on or  Richard is a native born Liberian and was faithful to God’s work during some very difficult and dangerous times.  He now lives in Pennsylvania with Victoria, his wife and their children.  Richard continues to serve his country in many ways and we are blessed to have him as part of Service To Servants.

Buy Her Legacy: Quiet Confrontation at Amazon

Buy Her Legacy : Quiet Confrontation at Barnes and Noble

Dartmouth College sends Birthing Kits to Liberia

Birthing Kits 1.jpgCharlie Clark and other students from Dartmouth College purchased supplies and assembled 100 birthing kits to be distributed in rural Liberia.  Due to unsanitary delivery conditions and lack of available medical care, Liberia has one of the highest infant and mother mortality rates in the world.  These inexpensive and simple kits contain items available to each of us at most grocery or drug stores.  To learn more about birthing kits visit Suzanah Raffield’s blog:


LiberiaBirthRisk.jpgKit Contents

§  25 Cotton balls (place in Ziploc bag)

§  10 Plastic drop cloths (thin polythene sheets, can be purchased 10 to a roll in perforated sheets)

§  20 4×4 gauze squares

§  10 single edge razor blades

§   1 pill bottle (place razor blades inside bottle)

§   2 rolls of medical tape (1 inch)

§   1 bar of Ivory soap

§   1 16 oz. bottle of Betadine (off brand acceptable, tape lid and place in Ziploc bag)

§  10 pair gloves (20 total – place in Ziploc bag)

§  10 incontinence pads (the kind that are placed on a bed under a patient)

§   1 trash bag (to hold birthing kit contents)

Each kit will provide a skilled birthing attendant with supplies for 10 deliveries.   65 kits are needed. 


A Library is Born

Hi John,

You have made a history at TBC that can never be forgotten. We received the books with happiness. We will ever be grateful to you and your family. We did air the donation on both the community radio stations and the national Radio Station (ELBC) in Monrovia.

Attached are few of the photos with me and some of the students.

It's Jim 


Trinity Bible College Library 3.jpgThanks to the leadership of John and Marnie Farness and Richard Morris, Trinity Bible College has the beginnings of a library for its students and the church leaders of the communities surrounding Harbel.

You might remember that is was John and Richard who championed the Pastor Resource Kit project which has placed key study materials in the hands of over 200 Liberian pastors so far.  The Christian Leadership Library project is designed to provide access to a wider level of pastor study materials.

More Pastor Resource Kits and Financial Training

I am pleased to inform you that a total of 38 pastors from various churches and places in Lower Margibi County gathered together in Dolo Town and received study kits following their completion of both the Crown Financial Ministries Pastors and Business by the Book Conferences.

Pastor Kits.jpg

Dying Young – Lack of Healthcare in Liberia

Agatha.jpgAgatha Dorbor died this morning at 5:00am Liberia time.  She was in her 20’s, had a husband, Shadrach, and four young children, Abigail, Meshach, Abednego and Christine.

She was trying to earn her high school degree but I seem to remember she was still in elementary school as of a couple of years ago.  The war disrupted a lot of people’s educations.

I’m not sure what she died of but it seemed to be heart related… maybe a blood pressure problem.  In the United States she would likely have been properly diagnosed, treated and cured years ago.  But she wasn’t fortunate enough to be born in the United States.  Instead she was born in Liberia.

I have known the Dorbor’s for several years and my mother sends funds each month to help them with a place to live and to help with the children’s tuition fees.  Now there is a father with 4 young children, yet alone.

One thing I never get used to in Liberia is the needless deaths of people from illnesses that are not considered serious in America.  I appreciate those who serve as medical missionaries to change that.

Rest in Peace, Agatha Dorbor, May 3, 2010

Order the Book “Now That I Have Seen”

STS has published a book about the 2009-2010 12Stone Water’s Edge mission trip.  You can view and order the book here at our cost:


Liberia Listed as 2nd Poorest Country in the World

The level of economy in countries around the globe is not even. It is somewhere very high and somewhere very low. GDP, literacy rate and employment rate are several parameters of a country to determine the level of its economy. According to a report of the United Nations, hunger causes the death of about 25,000 people every day. Unfortunately, the number of children is greater than that of adults. Consider several facts of income disparity between rich and poor nations to measure the cleavage between the haves and the haves not. The combined income of the world’s richest individuals leaves far behind that of the poorest 416 million. 982 million out of 4.8 billion people in the developing world live on $1 a day. Another 2.5 billion live on below $2 a day. 40% of the poorest population made up 5% of world income while 20% of the richest population made up 75% of global income in 2005.

Read the full story here.

12Stone Team – Orphan Relief & Rescue and THINK

Orphan Rescue and Relief 111.jpg

Brent, Jeremiah, Amy, Annie and Jesse went to THINK while Lindi, Dave, Damitri, Kayla and Dave went to Orphan Relief and Rescue today.  The blessing being received (and given) by the team are still flowing.

Read more and see pictures HERE , see more by reading

through Lindi Bearchell’s blog (  and

through the official Waters Edge trip blog (

12Stone Team – More service at the same places – plus pictures!


More good things are happening at the Diana Davies Orphanage and at THINK.  Above is a picture of Dimitri and Prince.  You will want to know more about this story.


Read more and see pictures HERE , see more by reading

through Lindi Bearchell’s blog (  and

through the official Waters Edge trip blog (

12Stone Team – Diana Davies Orphanage, THINK and Serving Those Who Serve Us


Today the team split into 2 groups.  One went to the Diana Davies Orphanage while the other went to an organization called THINK which works with abused girls and boys as well as working on juvenile rehabilitation.  For the evening meal we prepared, cooked and served a meal to the people at the compound who spend so much time serving us.  The evening debrief was emotional and intense.


Read more and see pictures HERE , see more by reading

through Lindi Bearchell’s blog (  and

through the official Waters Edge trip blog (

12Stone Team – Church at Providence and a Soccer/Dancing/Nail Painting Adventure


Today the team worshiped at Providence Baptist Church, the largest and oldest church in Liberia.  Following that the team ate in a resturaunt which had an excellent buffet and they did themselves proud.  Finally the afternoon was a time of rest for most but 4 of our more ambitious members went to play soccer with the local kids, teach them new dances and do several sets of fingernails.  Just in case you don’t think this is ministry… it is here.


You can read more and see pictures HERE , see more by reading

through Lindi Bearchell’s blog (  and

through the official Waters Edge trip blog (

December 4th Designated Anti-Chuck Clark Day in Liberia

Dave Bearchell and Rodney Edwards are tired of hearing how “wonderful” Chuck Clark is from everyone we meet in Liberia.  So we have designated Monday, January 4th as Anti-Chuck Clark Day here in Liberia.  Find out more HERE.

12Stone Team – Back to Rifiki Village, STS Property Dedication & Hospital Visitation


Today the team returned to the Rafiki Children’s Village for another session of songs, Bible stories, puppets and outdoor games.  12Stone Church also sent a Bible over to be buried on a meaningful location in Liberia.  We spent the afternoon visiting and praying with the sick at E.L.W.A. Hospital and completed our night with a powerful telling of Christine Tolbert Norman’s testimony.   (read more and see pictures HERE)

through Lindi Bearchell’s blog (  and

through the official Waters Edge trip blog (

12Stone Team – Rafiki Children’s Village


Today was fantastic.  The 12Stone team was wonderful at the Rafiki Children’s Village.  We visited the STS property for a few minutes today and then went to the Rafiki Village to spend a couple of hours with their 21 children.  If you’re a parent of any of this team you have special dispensation to be proud.  These are a great group of Christian young adults that love their team, the people of Liberia and their God.  Good job to each of your parents.  (read more and see pictures HERE)

through Lindi Bearchell’s blog (  and

through the official Waters Edge trip blog (

12Stone Team – Waterside Market and 30 Missionaries


We changed up our schedule today and went downtown to the Waterside Market.  The girls were in their element as they attacked the various shops with passion.  After a late lunch we came back home to eat and then went immediately to a party sponsored by Keith and Kristin Chapman. There were at least 50 people there with about 30 of them missionaries serving in some capacity within Liberia.  As you’ll read in the extended comments, the opportunity to interact for 2 – 3 hours with these servants had a tremendous impact on the team.  Since the Chapmans live on the beach at ELWA the team brought their bathing suits and went swimming as the sun was setting over the Atlantic.  Finally we celebrated the arrival of the new year together after which old people like me went to bed.  (read more and see pictures HERE)

through Lindi Bearchell’s blog (  and

through the official Waters Edge trip blog (

12Stone Team - Greater Love and ELWA Hospital


Today was a day of contrasts.  We had the team helping at Greater Love Bible Baptist Church doing security wall construction, radio station promos and assistance in the medical clinic.  Three of us spent most of the day at the E.L.W.A. hospital for asundry issues.  By the way, E.L.W.A. stands for Eternal Love Winning Liberia.  They have been here since the 1950’s.  Ending the day was a local area soccer game staring 3 of our teammembers. (read more and see pictures HERE)

through Lindi Bearchell’s blog (  and

through the official Waters Edge trip blog (


12Stone Team - First Full Day in Liberia


After sleeping in, eating a late breakfast, having a time of devotion and then relaxing until lunch, the team was taken to Marshal on the coast near the airport for an afternoon of learning and relaxation… (read more and see pictures HERE)

through Lindi Bearchell’s blog (  and

through the official Waters Edge trip blog (


12Stone Church & STS Arrive in Liberia

Travel Group Picture.jpg

The 12Stone team - Annie, Dimitri, Brent, Danielle, Jeremiah, Kayla, Rodney, Jesse & Amy

STS is hosting the 2nd pilgrimage of 12Stone Church’s Waters Edge group to Liberia.  You can follow this trip through this website, (read more and see pictures HERE)

through Lindi Bearchell’s blog (  and

through the official Waters Edge trip blog (


Take advantage of the two new perspectives availabe at the two college students’ blog sites above.

Latest Container is Released



The Container was loaded on to the truck on Friday night in the port. On Saturday, November 28, the truck left the port at about 9:30 A.M. and we off-loaded the contents and distributed to about 90 % of the recipients.  The total time from shipment to unloading was 68 days.



Blackaby Conference Trip is Underway


15-Group Shot.jpg

Midnight meeting upon arrival in Liberia.  Total team is composed of:

Roland Martine, Henry & Tom Blackaby, Smokey & Zoe Hicks, George Hiller Sr. and Jr. , Glenn Henderson, Bobby Mitchell, Barry & Tucker Sutlive, James Moye, Ash Zook, Chad Merrill, Billy Green, Vincent Asamoah and Rodney Edwards.


Additional Pastors Receive Resource Kits (A note from Robert Cuppah)


Dear Partners in Ministry,


Please be informed that on Friday, October 17, 19 pastors who had earlier participated in Crown Financial Ministries Pastors and Business By the Book trainings were given a set of the pastors Bible Study Tools Kit in Camp One, Harbel Firestone.IM004565.JPG

IM004571.JPGJuly Container Finally Released from Port

Robert Cuppah emailed to say the July container had finally been released from the Freeport of Liberia.  We are very grateful as I’m sure are those we support.  The goods were handed out today (October 22) with about 90% being picked up.  Thanks to everyone for their prayers.

More Pastor Resource Kits Distributed


On July 22nd Robert Cuppah, COO of STS-Liberia, distributed 18 Pastor Resource Kits in German Camp, Marcigi County.  These pastors are from the United Methodist Weala District Conference that also participated last year in the Crown Financial Ministries Pastors and Business By the Book conferences.


On July 24th 33 pastors from Gbarnga City, Central Liberia, received Pastor Resource Kits.  These pastors also participated in both the Pastors and the Business by the Book conferences last year.

A special thanks to Robert Cuppah, Richard Morris and John Farness for spearheading this continuing effort to provide pastors with the tools to more accurately share God’s spiritual truths with their congregation.

The July Container is the Fullest

July 2009 container (450 x 600).jpg

This is a picture of the container that leaves our dock tomorrow (July 22).  I believe this is the most efficiently packed container that we’ve ever sent.

This container includes 777 separate packages with a value of $99,173.  There are items from 43 different shippers in America going to 35 different ministries in Liberia.

When we seal up this container and send it on its way, we know that the contents will soon be used to expand God’s Kingdom in Liberia.

It is a privilege to be a small part of what is going on in Liberia.  Thanks to each person who sent a package and to each person who will use goods from this container in God’s work.

People Who We Enjoy Serving

Jamie Laird_reduced.jpg

One of the great aspects of the container shipping part of our ministry is meeting such wonderful people.  Some people we know only by email or phone but many of the people shipping goods to Liberia (and then going there to serve) come by our location to drop off boxes of supplies.  We really like it when we meet you face-to-face.

Pictured at left are Jamie Laird and some of her Liberian friends.  She and her husband, Rusty, are serving God in Liberia.

Jamie and her sister drove their Land Cruiser all the way from Washington State to Murfreesboro, TN a while back to put the vehicle into one of the containers going to Liberia.

We appreciate very much being able to assist people who are serving in Liberia.  God has a plan for Liberia and we want to support those who are part of that plan.



Fuel Costs to Rise for Ships Using American Ports and Waters


"Diesel fuel users are in for a hit from another source as well. By fall, Congress is likely to require that, starting by year-end 2010 or so, any cargo ship navigating U.S. waters or calling at a U.S. port burn only ultra-low-sulfur fuel. The low pollution fuel costs up to $1 a gallon more than what cargo ships now use.'s the same stuff used by trucking fleets and is already in tight supply." (from an April Kiplinger newsletter)

At STS we do everything possible to keep the shared costs of moving your ministry goods to Liberia as low as possible.  We do not know what, if any, effect this will have on our overall cost of shipping but will be watching closely to ensure that you know as early as possible if this will cause a increase in the per cubic foot shipping cost. 

Dr. Henry Blackaby to Teach in Liberia


Henry and Tom Blackaby, Blackaby Ministries International, have accepted a request to provide 4 days of teaching in Liberia and Service To Servants is privileged to serve as the U.S. steering committee chair for this event.

The request was made by Roland Martin of Kingdom Leadership International in Liberia with the assistance of Jim Moye of the Atlanta area.  STS has had the wonderful opportunity to assist, in very small ways, both Jim and Roland as they do Kingdom work in Liberia.

The 4 day conference will begin November 18 and conclude on November 21, 2009.  While the actual plans are still being developed, the initial groups that will be served are as follows:

Top Liberian Governmental Offices

Key Liberian Business Leaders

Pastors and Key Church Leaders 

Liberian Women Leaders

Youth Leaders

Also planned is a 2 day Crown Financial Ministries conference for business leaders lead by Dr. Mario Denton of South Africa.

Finally a 2 day retreat for key Liberian youth will be hosted.

Continue to watch both our newsletter and the STS website for more information.  If you would like to participate in this conference please contact me.

Water of Life hosts President Johnson-Sirleaf at Furman University


On April 13th Gayla and I had the privilege of attending a banquet hosted by Water of Life.  The special guest speaker for the banquet was Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, president of Liberia.

She spoke of the wonderful work that Water of Life is doing in Liberia as they provide safe drinking water while at the same time also sharing the Living Water.  President Sirleaf also spent some time talking about the plight of young girls in Liberia.  She was open and pointed in the fact that rape is a significant problem among the teenage girl population.  Her statistics concerning the "youngness" of Liberia (half the population is under 14 years of age) is always interesting to me as is the number of teenage girls who give birth by 15 years of age (very high).  This information certainly impact our thoughts on how to best serve God in Liberia.

Here's a few facts about the lack of clean drinking water and the work being done by Water of Life to combat the problem:

1. 90% of all diseases are related to unsafe drinking water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene

2. Every year there are 4 billion cases of diarrhea as a result of unclean drinking water.  This results in 2.2 million deaths per year.

3. Every day water-related diseases result in the death of 5,000 children under the age of five.  (Did you catch that?  Every DAY.)

4. 40 billion hours of labor are wasted each year carrying water over long distances.

5. Last year WOL provided clean drinking water to over 20,000 children.

6. In the past 4 years Water of Life has installed or refurbished over 400 wells in Liberia improving the lives of over 300,000 people.

Perhaps you would like to know more about this great ministry and even support them financially.  Here's their information:


Water of Life
P.O. Box 24151
Greenville, SC  29616

Banquet Theme, blog, videos:

Also, here’s a link to an interview President Sirleaf did while in the U.S.

Liberia Threatened by ‘Huge Hordes’ of Caterpillars

Jan. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Liberia faces a food and health crisis after “huge hordes” of caterpillars ravaged the north of the country, eating vegetation and destroying crops, the United Nations said.

Tens of millions of black, hairy caterpillars are eating all crops in their path and may spread to neighboring countries including Ivory Coast, the world’s biggest cocoa grower, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization said.

“They seem to be eating everything: cocoa, cash crops, leaves and food,” Christopher Matthews, a spokesman for the agency in Rome, said by telephone today. “There are already reports of it spreading into Guinea, so it’s on the move and spreading quickly.”   See the full story at:

Service To Servants is asking you to pray that God will spare Liberia additional crop damage as Liberians have a difficult time finding enough to eat without this devastating pestilence.

Casey Scheberl of VisionTrust

Casey Scheberl (450 x 600).jpgIt never ceases to amaze us as to how many people are working in Liberia and where they are working from.  A few weeks ago Chuck Clark was contacted by Michelle Willard, staff writer for the Murfreesboro Post newspaper, asking to do an interview about Service To Servants.  Even though Michelle is in Murfreesboro, she heard about us through a blog entry by some missionary folks we had shipped a car for in Oregon.  Casey, in turn, read about us in the Murfreesboro Post article and she works for VisionTrust, an international organization that reaches out to thousands of orphaned and neglected children in 9 countries around the world.  You guessed it, one of those countries is Liberia.  Casey lives about 10 miles up the road and attends church with Chuck although they have never met.

Casey and her husband, Eric, served for 2 years in the Dominican Republic with VisionTrust prior to moving to the Nashville area where she opened a regional presence for the charity.  It was a pleasure to learn more about the work of VisionTrust ( and to see how we might work together to increase the effectiveness of God’s work in Liberia.

The team returned from Liberia today (1/9/09) after several delays.  It was an excellent trip and the 12Stone team were wonderful to serve with.

Team of 14 heads for Liberia

Rodney & Elizabeth Edwards leave today (Tuesday, 12/23) for Liberia to be followed by the 12 member 12Stone mission team on the 27th.  You will want to follow this trip daily.  There is a full schedule of ministry planned and you can follow the trip here.

12 Stone Church, Lawrenceville, GA hosts Liberia Awareness Event



The Water’s Edge collegiate ministry of 12 Stone Church hosted a Liberia Awareness Event Tuesday night, November 18th with over 100 people in attendance.

16 members of this group will be travelling to Liberia at the end of December for a 2 week trip to establish themselves as servants to various Liberian ministries.  In addition, they will be personally installing 5 generators at various clinics, orphanages and schools in the greater Monrovia area.

In attendance were U.S. and Liberian citizens including 2 grandsons of former President Tolbert.

STS will be providing the logistical support for this team and was privileged to have 4 board members in attendance.

We appreciate the partnership we have with 12 Stone Church in expanding God’s Kingdom throughout Liberia.

Back from Liberia

John and Rodney are back from Liberia (finally).  The final days of the journal are now posted so please take a final look.  Thanks for following along in the journal.  Better still, get involved and make a difference.

John Farness and Rodney Edwards leave for Liberia (Sunday Oct. 26)

John Farness (Pastor Kit manager) and Rodney Edwards are on their way to Liberia.  They are scheduled to return on November 10th.  They already have a full schedule and you can follow the daily postings of their trip here.

We are back from Liberia

The trip was a good one for multiple reasons.  I’ve updated the daily journals through Friday (the rest is just the flight back).  Carl was able to come home with us.  I still need to load pictures for the last 2 – 3 days but the journals are there for you to read.  Thanks for taking this trip with us.

Update on Liberia Trip

Due to internet problems this is the first update since we left Brussels on Sunday, July 28th.

I’ve updated the website pages regarding the trip which you can see by clicking here.  The trip over was good, the trip to the Children’s Village was tough (13.5 hours).  But the visit with Shadrach Saywon and the other Children’s Village staff was excellent.  It’s hard to express the joy that came from watching the first 6 12th graders being honored yesterday.  My challenge to the community was that one day a president of Liberia would have graduated from this school.

7 in Route to Liberia for the First 12th Grade Graduation of Willie N. Wylie Children’s Village.

Started with a common effort by Shadrach Saywon and Carl Hadley, the Children’s Village has grown by a grade per year until the first 12th grade class will graduation this year.

You can follow this trip using the Trips to Liberia: Current link at left or by clicking here.

Please note that, unlike prior trips, there will be no updates from 7/30 – 8/4 due to being in an area with no cell or internet access.


Our approximate schedule while in Liberia is as follows:


Arrive Monday, July 28 at 7:20 pm

Travel to Sinoe County Wednesday, July 30

Revival services Thursday, July 31 – August 2

High School graduation Sunday, August 3

Travel to Monrovia Monday, August 4

Depart for Atlanta, Friday, August 8

Arrive home Saturday, August 9

While we are in Monrovia you can reach me on my Liberia cell phone by dialing 011-231-665-2187.  You can also reach Robert Cuppah at any time (he is not going to Sinoe County) by dialing 011-231-655-3223.

While we are in Sinoe County you can reach us by Satellite phone by dialing 008821621805769.  You will likely have to provide some sort of payment information such as a credit card in order to make this call.

New Vehicle Shipping Pricing Guide has been added to the container shipping area.

Use the Container Shipping Information link on this page to read the updated information.


On Sunday, June 29, 2008, the first Pastor’s Bible Study Tool Kit distribution was held in Harbel, Firestone, 37 miles outside of Monrovia , Liberia , West Africa . The one hour short program was held at the campus of the Trinity Bible College , starting at 4:00 P.M. Liberian time.

During the program, a total of 25 senior pastors from 25 different churches were the first beneficiaries. The enthusiastic pastors expressed their profound and heart-felt thanks, gratitude and appreciation to both Living Water Community Church of Vancouver and Service To servants-USA for bringing them these wonderful resources. They promised to faithfully use the books for preparing themselves and equipping their respective congregations.

Rev. Cuppah  (see more pictures here)


A special thanks to John Farness of Living Water Community Church, Richard Morris of STS-US and Robert Cuppah of STS-Liberia for bringing this very important project into existence.

God uses the military trucks even before they reach Liberia

We’ve secured several military dump, tractor and 2.5 ton trucks for use in Liberia.  Part of our plan is to sell most of the 2.5 ton cargo trucks in order to pay the shipping of the dump and tractor trucks to Liberia (cost of shipping one is approximately $10,000).  So while we were waiting a neighbor asked if he might borrow a couple to have for his small son’s birthday party.  They had a military themed party and allowed the children to play in the trucks.  Here’s the good part, they didn’t bring gifts for the birthday boy, instead they brought gifts for soldiers in Iraq.  After the party they were able to send over a number of items to U.S. service men and women in Iraq.  So even though we have only sent one of the trucks to Liberia, they are still finding use while we wait for funding.


Crown – Liberia holds conference in Buchanan


Our own Robert Cuppah lead a team of Crown – Liberia facilitators as they provided a 2 day financial training conference for 190 pastors in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.


Rev. Cuppah asks that you please keep them in your prayers as they prepare to conduct two seminars per month for the next three months—June, July, and August. These events will take them to some distant places inside Liberia.

Dr. Rick Sacra visits STS office

You just never know who will show up here at the office.  Today one of the Clark Iron and Metal employees came to my office to say that someone was down stairs with some items for Liberia.  When I walked down it was Dr. Sacra, medical doctor at the ELWA Hospital in Liberia.  He is visiting friends in Bristol, TN (or VA depending on which street you are on) and brought over a van load of medical items for the hospital.


Dr. Rick Sacra with a ultrasound machine bound for Liberia.

May 2008 Container on its way.  Track it here.

With the quality help of AFC Express, we are able to track the containers through the shipping lines.  Below is a link and the container number you will need to do this.

Website Link is  Container # is INBU4864005


Two Generators Given for Liberia

May 2008 generators for Liberia2.jpg

Stacey Bellflower and Lon Von Kohn with 1 of the 2 new generators Lon is graciously donating for ministry use in Liberia

May Shipping Container full and leaving today

The May container is completely full with over 750 packages/items.  It will go to the rail yard today to be placed on a rail car.  From there it will go to Savannah to be placed on a ship.  The ship will sail to Rotterdam where the container will be transferred to a smaller ship headed for Monrovia.  Please be in prayer for a smooth journey and that every single item on board will bring Glory to God.


Leadership Training for our Liberian Board of Directors

Included in the shipping container leaving tomorrow (Thursday) are leadership training items for our Liberian Board of Directors, helping to keep our commitment to their ongoing development as servants in God’s Kingdom.  Each of our 13 directors will receive “Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done” and a 2 gb USB Flash Drive containing over 60 teachings from 12 Stone Church of Lawrenceville, GA.

LiberiaBoDLeadershipTraining (600 x 450).jpg

Pastor’s Kits

Early on in our travels to Liberia it became evident that most pastors did not have even the most basic of libraries, many only a Bible.  So John Farness and Living Water Church ( of Vancouver, WA, asked to head up an effort to provide Liberian pastors with a set of “must have” study helps.  You will see below what a typical kit looks like.  If you would like to sponsor a kit for a pastor the cost is approximately $150 delivered to Liberia.  You can contact Service To Servants at

Pastor Kit.jpg

Robert Cuppah, Thelma Brownell Cato & Sam Reeves on the newly purchased, from Mrs. Cato, Congo Town property


Fire on Their Feet – The story of the SIM Missionaries of Liberia’s heroic service to the people they loved during the overthrow of President Samuel K. Doe by Charles Taylor.  This online story provides an inside look at what missionary life can be during rough times but also shows the extreme love that causes those called by God to sacrifice for those they are called to serve.

Approximately 150 pages in length, click here to begin a journey into the horror of ethnic rivalry and the beauty of God’s love.

Service To Servants has a home in Liberia!

Dear friends, after a year of searching God has allowed, through the kindness of Thelma Cato, for us to have a physical presence in the Monrovia area.  Today, Thursday, May 1, 2008 the final legal paperwork was processed and we took possession of a one acre lot in Congo Town immediately across the street from the Atlantic Ocean.

We want to stop and first of all thank God for answering our prayers for a permanent home in the Monrovia area.  We asked for three major blessings from God this past year. 1) A permanent home, 2) a Liberian board of directors and 3) to get our business ventures started.  As of today God has answered the first two of our “asks” and we believe He is preparing to answer the third one during the next few months.  Secondly, we want to think Mrs. Thelma Brownell Cato.  An African-American who married a Liberian and lived in Liberia for 20 years.  She has a love for her adopted country and made available this property at a price we could afford to pay.  She could have received more money from others but chose to support the ministry at the expense of her own personal gain.  God was kind when he brought Thelma into the STS family.

This property will provide a number of tools for STS to use to reach the nation of Liberia for Christ.  First it will provide a permanent office location.  Second it will provide space for a training program.  Third, it will provide a home for visiting STS guests from the U.S. and within Liberia.  Forth it will provide a location for one of the ice production facilities.  Fifth it will provide a location for an unloading dock with storage for the containers that are sent over

The one acre lot has two 3 bedroom block houses which are structurally sound but which will require major renovations.  Both will require new roofs, complete interior renovation, windows, painting, etc.  Yet the ability to start with structures already in place is a true blessing.  The lot is partially walled but, for security purposes, it will be necessary to fully wall the property.  See pictures of the property here.

Hopefully Rodney Edwards, during his upcoming May 3-19 trip, will be able to supply more detailed pictures and descriptions of the property.

So while we are VERY excited, it’s time to immediately push the land and building into the background and ensure that Christ remains in the foreground.  We now have one more tool to use in bringing glory to Christ’s name in Liberia.

Rodney Edwards to visit Liberian May 3-19

Rodney will be leaving for Monrovia Saturday, May 3rd and will return to the U.S. on May 19th.

The primary goals for the trip are to:

1.      Work with Robert Cuppah and the Liberia Board of Directors to move more of the day to day control of the ministry, as well as the longer term planning and “ownership” to the board.  After all, they are much more familiar with the opportunities and needs in Liberia than those of us on the U.S. side.

2.      Start up as many of the business enterprises (2 ice production facilities, generator sales and trucking) as possible.

3.      Meet with key governmental leaders to determine the opportunities to establish construction equipment, truck transportation and road building businesses through promotional opportunities with companies and investors within the United States in partnership with Liberians.

A link is provided at the upper left of this page to track the daily activities during the trip and to allow you to know how best to pray for the goals of each day.  You can also find it here.

Devotions of a Servant                           


Believe it or not, Service To Servants has published a book!  The book is titled "Devotions of a Servant" and includes the first year's devotions written by board member Richard Morris and include the encouragements and prayers of Beccy Lanier along with over 100 photographs of Liberia, primarily by Gayla Edwards.


Devotions of a Servant, as listed under Religion & SpiritualityRichard and Beccy have recently completed the first year of weekly devotions primarily designed to encourage and educate our friends serving God in Liberia.


If you would like to order a copy of this 200+ page book please connect through the following link and place your order.  You will be charged only what the book publisher charges plus shipping.  There is no profit to Service To Servants or anyone else involved.  We believe that it will serve as a great coffee table book and as an inspiration to those who read from it.


View and order the book here


This book would make a great gift and a great Liberia conversation starter.

Next Shipping Container date has been set!

The cut-off for receiving items into the STS docks for the next shipment is May 30, 2008.  The shipping information is as follows”


Goods received by STS until:           May 30,2008

Container to Nashville Rail Yard      June 4, 2008

Arrival at Savannah port                   June 6, 2008

Leaves onboard ship                         June 9, 2008

Arrival in Le Havre, France              June 21, 2008

Arrival in Monrovia, Liberia             July 13, 2008

(These dates are only ESTIMATES so don’t send any ice cream on this one)


We have the ability to receive and store your goods so send them as early as possible.  The container is loaded on a first come first served basis.  We have not run out of room on a container yet but we do come close at times.


Make sure you read all the instructions and use our shipping labels.  Drop shipments are fine but there are special instructions for those.


See all the instructions here.


Thanks for caring about Liberia.

Container Shipping Instructions have been Updated

For all who have shipped or may be shipping with us in the future, please review the revised container shipping documentation found on the Container Shipping Information link on the left of this page.

First Truck Leaves for Liberia

The first of several 2.5 ton all wheel drive trucks left for the Port of Jacksonville on December 28th.  If the truck clears through customs, the truck will sail on 01/08/08.  Please pray that the truck will be cleared through the port without delay.  After the truck is cleared for export we will pray for each step of journey – safe ocean travel – arriving and clearing the Monrovia port – service to God’s Kingdom in Liberia – God’s Glorification.


Section Added with Quality Maps of Liberia

It can be hard to find good detailed maps of Liberia.  So as we find good maps we will make them known here.  You can also get to this section under the Resources area in the menu links about.

Section Added to Make Known Personnel Needs

In keeping with our logistics service (moving goods, people and funds into Liberia and information out) we are opening an area on the website where we will list the personnel needs of ministries serving in Liberia.  There will be short-, medium- and long-term positions listed.  Some will provide some funding while others will require the volunteer to provide for his/her complete needs.

Please make this information available to those in your church and Christian community.  God is moving in many people’s hearts and a position on this list may be just what He has prepared you or your friends to do.

You can access this page here, through a link on the left side of this page or through the “Resources” section of the website shown in the menu bar above.

5 Board Members Currently in Liberia

We are home and the travel journal is finally up-to-date.  Please complete your review of it as much was done over the past few days.  Thanks for your time and your prayers.

On Saturday, Nov. 3rd, Beccy Lanier, Matt Elsberry, David Bearchell and Rodney & Gayla Edwards left for Monrovia on a 14 day trip.  See the trip goals and follow the daily happenings (plus see pictures) here.

Atlanta Dinner Meeting with Liberian Workers

On October 22 four board members hosted a dinner at MaryMacs restaurant in the heart of Atlanta for Thelma Cato, Issac Wheiger and Jessy & Calandra Togba-doya.  Thelma, and African-American, was married to a Liberian and lived in Liberia for 20 years until his death.  She is working to help us locate property of an office and residence.  Issac is the head of the Wesleyan Church in Liberia and assisted in the first Crown conference there.  Jessy is a Liberian and together with his African-American wife, serve God as missionaries in Liberia.  Here’s a picture of everyone at the afternoon meeting and meal.

Cato Dinner 1.jpg

November Container Shipment Drawing Near

The next container to leave for Liberia will leave our docks at Murfreesboro, Tennessee on November 15th.  All materials should be received no later than the 12th.

Please see our shipping page where specific information is available and contact us at

Living Water Community Church Sponsors Pastors’ Kits

On Wednesday, November 3rd we were notified that Living Water Community Church of Vancouver, Washington had committed to provide Pastor’s Resource Kits to pastors in Liberia who would not otherwise be able to secure quality Christian reference books.  These Pastor’s Kits will provide 8 time proven, quality reference books which will provide Liberian pastors with the tools to better equip their congregations for worship and service.  Each kit will cost approximately $100.  An initial investment of $1,000 has been made with a monthly $300 additional commitment.

Included Materials:

            A. The MacArthur Study Bible

            B.  Strong’s Exhaustive NASB Concordance

            C.  Nave’s Topical Bible

D.  Vine’s Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words

            E.  The Moody Bible Atlas or Holman Bible Atlas

            F.  Knowing Scripture by RC Sproul

            G.  Mathew Henry’s Concise Commentary

          H. Developing the Leader Within You by John Maxwell

Thanks to Elder John Farness and to the members of Living Water Community Church for their wonderful gift of knowledge.  If you or your church would like to join with Living Water in providing these reference libraries to Liberian Pastors please contact John Farness at

5 Board Members Travel to Monrovia Beginning Nov. 3

Beccy Lanier, David Bearchell, Matt Elsberry and Rodney & Gayla Edwards will travel to Monrovia, Liberia beginning November 3 and will return on November 15th.

The primary goals for this trip are to finalize the STS Liberia board of directors, plan the coming year’s efforts with Robert Cuppah and the new board, assist with 3 days of Crown training courses, prepare for the startup of 4 new business efforts and continue to develop the relationships that God provides to us through His favor.

You will be able to follow the trip on a daily basis through the website using the link in the upper left of this page.

STS Continues to Assist R.E.A.P Help Children

Restoration of Educational Advancement Programs (REAP) is a Liberian organization working to provide children and young people with the opportunity to receive the educational benefits necessary for the disadvantaged youth to achieve their full potential as they mature spiritually, emotionally and physically.

STS Chief Operating Officer Robert Cuppah is working with key REAP staff members to ensure that government property made available for an Indigent Children’s Village is legally transferred to REAP’s control.

David Bearchell, Jr. is also developing the website for REAP and has secured the domain and should have initial pages complete soon.  This website should help make known the great work that is being accomplished and provide opportunities for others to provide support.

AFC Worldwide Express Assists in Logistics

On September 17th David Bearchell and Rodney Edwards were privileged to spend time with Glenn Henderson, president of AFC Worldwide Express (, and Warren McArthur, vice president international sales and service, at their Kennesaw, GA headquarters.

Glenn and Warren are actively contributing their extensive knowledge of local and international shipping with STS as we attempt to operate the logistical side of the ministry in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Another Crown Financial Ministries Conference

On Friday, August 31, the First Crown Pastors’ Seminar was held in Kakata City, Margibi County, Liberia. A total of 90 persons participated in the one day seminar. It was organized by Crown Financial Ministries-Liberia in collaboration with the Full Gospel Ministerial Fellowship of Kakata. It was such a wonderful time as many testified that this was the most balanced and thought provoking teaching they have heard. Little did they know that God has financial principles for His own people. The training started at about 10:15 A.M. and ended at about 5:30 P.M. The team from Crown-Liberia was made up of three facilitators and two assistants.

By the grace of God, on Saturday, September 8, 2007, the Crown-Liberia team will
be in Tubmanburg, Bomi County, to also conduct their first Crown Pastors’ Seminar.

It is a privilege for Service To Servants to partner with Crown – Liberia to bring the biblical teachings of financial integrity to the wonderful Christians in Liberia.

Much is Happening

          Things are hopping in our world right now.  Here’s a few that you can be praying/praising with us about.

§ First “all STS” container arrived and out of the port.

§ STS is actively seeking a permanent location in Monrovia.

§ First STS ice business can start as soon as a location is secured.*

§ Second container is set to ship out Sept. 13th and it will be full.  This will be our 2nd ice business.*  Included on the load are 5,232 school notebooks that have been purchased so far plus other school supplies.  It’s not too late to provide school supplies for this trip.

§ Generator sales and service business should start by early November pending a location.  STS is to serve the Generators for the Gospel project in Liberia.*

§ Military truck is set to ship out at the end of September.  This will be our first transportation business.*  Read the following All Africa news site article to understand the important part this can play in helping the people of Liberia:

§ Five STS board members will visit Liberia in November.  A major Crown Financial Ministries training event will occur as part of this trip.

* When you see the word “business” we are speaking of the Business Development goal of our ministry.  These businesses are started, workers are trained and they are eventually turned over to Liberian Christians with the profits used to support God’s work in Liberia.  It is the “self-sustaining” portion of the mission we are called to do.


School Supplies for Liberian Children


          If you would like to purchase and send school supplies to the children of Liberia we suggest that now would be a great time.  Several major chain stores are offering school supplies at tremendous savings (composition books, boxes of 10 pencils, etc. for 10 cents each).

          Last year you sent over 3,000 composition books, thousands of pencils and pens, tooth brushes, toothpaste and many other items.  All of these items were distributed to children who would not otherwise had materials to assist them in their education.

          If you would like to purchase and ship these items to us or send funds for our folks to purchase them locally, you can do so currently and we will get them on the September 13th shipment if received by September 10th.

The Container is in the Port!


Robert Cuppah emailed Wednesday (8/1) and said the agent notified him that the container had finally arrived.  It left our office in Murfreesboro, TN on May 15th so the normal 30 – 45 day trip has turned into 75+ days due to a dock workers strike in France that prevented the container from being moved to a different ship for its journey to Liberia.  Please join us in praying that the container will be released from port swiftly.  Much work has been done in preparation for its arrival.


Pastor Sam Reeves, Providence Baptist Church – Monrovia, visits STS Board

         It was indeed a privilege to host Dr. Sam Reeves, who is the chairman of the Crown – Liberia board of directors.  Matt Elsberry, Beccy Lanier, Sam Reeves, David Bearchell and Rodney Edwards (behind the camera) spent the entire afternoon together on July 7th discussing the formation of the STS Liberia board of directors.  Richard Morris and Robert Cuppah also joined by conference call.

1973 Military Truck  1An all wheel drive 2.5 ton truck is given to Service To Servants for use in Liberia.  This will enable goods and people to be trans-ported to the outlying areas even during the rainy season.  See more information and pictures here.

P6100794Meet the Chief Operating Officer of Service To Servants Liberia.


Robert Cuppah joins the Service To Servants Liberiateam as the primary leader in Liberia.  Learn more about Robert and his family and see pictures here.

A Quick Refresher About Service To Servants’ Mission

Service To Servants exists to provide assistance to Christian service organizations already working in Liberia.  We seek first to create cooperation among those serving Christ in Liberia and then to serve them in the following 4 areas:


  1. Education and Training – Our initial efforts are directed at leadership and other related areas for the pastors, business and governmental leaders of the country.  We provide a weekly devotional by Dr. Richard Morris (a Liberian living in the U.S. that is on our board).  We also desire to provide other training in conjunction with our other areas of service below.
  2. Logistics – Our goal is to move goods, funds, people and information into and out of Liberia.  Principally this has manifested itself in promoting the sharing of container shipments among U.S. supporters of Liberian ministries.  We also act as a clearing house of funds designated for various Christian groups in the U.S.  STS will assist mission groups desiring to travel to Liberia.  Information on needs is made available on our website for those already serving in Liberia.
  3. Accounting/Financial Integrity – We believe that more accurate and timely reporting of financial information by those in Liberia to their supporting organizations in the U.S. will increase confidence and, therefore, the amount of funds committed to Christ’s work in Liberia.  We plan to have a full accounting service there which would also serve as a training ground for various Liberia ministries.
  4. Business Development – Although the Bible has a model for the support of local churches, there is no such model for those para-church type organizations which do so much of the Kingdom work in Liberia.  Therefore we seek to provide capital, training and oversight to Christian organizations and Christian individuals to enable them to use commerce as a tool to support and increase the spread of the Gospel in Liberia and around the world.

STSlogoSTSlogoYou will notice a fresh look to STS thanks to our new logo.  Board member Gayla Edwards designed the logo to be simple yet reflective of the 4 primary ways we serve God’s kingdom in Liberia (noted above).  We will begin branding the STS operations with this logo to help our supporters and those we serve easily recognize us.

New container shipping information page has been added to the website to provide information about shipping in general and also to keep you up-to-date on the scheduled shipping dates and needs.  You can access this new area here or by using the Container Shipping Information link in the column at left.

1st Container of 2007 on its way to Liberia.  The container should arrive in Monrovia in approximately 45 days.  The container was completely full with over 190 packages (including a large truck and 2 diesel generators) received from over 20 individuals/organizations and going to over 17 different missionaries and ministries in Liberia.  See photos and additional information here.

First Shipping Container of 2007 to leave our warehouse on May 16th for Monrovia.  Our goal is to share with any other individual or group that would like to ship goods to Liberia for Christian purposes.  The shared cost rate is $7 per cubic foot for goods delivered to Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  If you have a vehicle or other large objects you can share in the costs on a percentage of the entire container basis.

We will also ship containers to Monrovia in mid-August and mid-November.

Contact us at

Eagle Generator, a Christian owned company, again provides Service To Servants with an “at cost” solution to our power needs in Liberia.  Learn more about Eagle’s Generators for the Gospel ministry for providing reduced cost power solutions to Christian organizations in the U.S. and around the world.

Beccy Lanier elected as the 7th member of the Service To Servants board of directors.  Learn more about Beccy here.

R.E.A.P. desires assistance to rebuild the Indigent Children’s Home.  Learn more about this opportunity here.

STS Weekly Devotionals, written by our own Richard Morris, are available under the “STS Weekly Devotionals” link at the left or by clicking here.

Rodney Edwards is on this way back to Liberia in conjunction with God’s Kids.  Track the trip through his daily journals.

Crown – Liberia to hold its first Pastors’ Conference at Harbel, Firestone.  The training is scheduled for Friday and Saturday evenings, February 23-24, 2007.  Learn more here.

STS Board of Directors develops budget and action plan for 2007.  The budget will be presented to our supporters in the near future.

Marnie Farness to serve as editor of the Service To Servants monthly e-newsletter.  Learn more about Marnie here.

STS board of directors hold first annual meeting in Suwannee, Florida.  See pictures and happenings here.

David Bearchell, Matt Elsberry, Gayla & Rodney Edwards just returned from Monrovia A write up on each day’s activities along with related photographs is document in our daily log here.  The trip is over and the final installment was uploaded today (11/14/06).  Please email me with any questions or comments.

Trading earthly treasures for heavenly treasures.  There are some wonderful books available which help us see the biblical truths about investing in eternal treasures (I hope to have one in downloadable form here shortly).  A friend’s church recently posted a sermon that does an outstanding job in this area and it is available to you, free of charge, by clicking here (all 5 weeks are good but week 5 on Intensity is the one I recommend).

Crown Financial Ministries to promote the Liberian Catalytic event in the following ways:

  • Crown radio will put a couple spots on the air until the event
  • Howard Dayton, CEO, will mention it on the Weekly Video for field staff across the country
  • It will be shown on the Power Point presentation during our Monday prayer times
  • Crown’s Website will house the information under International Events
  • FX’s Website will also include the prayer request for Liberia
  • Our prayer network for FX, which is about 200, will also be sent an email about this event


Track Rodney Edwards’ Trip to Monrovia Here.  Rodney Edwards will leave for Liberia Tuesday, August 8th and return Thursday, August 24th.  You can follow his trip daily by clicking here. HOME AT LAST.  Final posting will be made over the next couple of days.


The formation meeting of the Pastors’ and Business/Governmental Leaders’ committees was held at the Panache Restaurant in Sinkor, Monrovia.  The attendance was beyond expectations (lack of faith?) and the participation was wonderful.  J. Alphanso D. Perkins was selected as chairman of the Business/Governmental committee and Dr. Sam Reeves was selected chairman of the Pastors’ committee.


His Excellency, the Honorable Joseph N. Boakai, Vice President of the Republic of Liberia, receives a gift of the book Spiritual Leadership by Henry and Richard Blackaby from Rodney Edwards of Service to Servants.  Vice President Boakai has warmly welcomed the Crown Financial Ministries conference in November as “a much needed help to the Liberian people.”  The Vice President is a strong Christian and active in his local church.  He has promised to attend the opening ceremonies for the conference, promote its attendance within the government and appoint a member of his staff to serve on the Business/Governmental Committee.  Thanks to Debey Sayndee for making this meeting possible.


The Honorable Ophelia Hoff-Saytumah, Mayor of Monrovia, granted us the privilege of meeting with her this morning at 9:45am.  She was most gracious and agreed to serve on the Business & Government Committee.

See pictures of the shipping container being loaded and a listing of the goods included and the ministries who participated here.

Official approval of our 501(c)3 tax exempt status was received August 5th.  The approval is retroactive to our incorporation date so all amounts received since our inception will qualify as charitable contributions for U.S. Income Tax purposes.

First Baptist Church, Galt, CA acquired a sonogram machine for Liberia, Amy Davis of Old Hickory, TN just gave a large box of syringes, Suwannee Baptist sent 10 wheel chairs, a walker and some crutches.  Service To Servants had the privilege of assisting with the logistics to get the items over to Liberia.  Perhaps there will be children’s lives saved because of these small efforts.  Ron Sider, author of Rich Christians in An Age of Hunger said this:

“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something; and together, we can change the world.”

Pray for the 40 pastors of the Delta Valley Baptist Association that will receive a Liberian Ministries DVD and be challenged to lead their church to pray for the ministry once per week for one year.  The prayers of 40 California church congregations will be a sweet fragrance to the Lord.  Consider emailing the Director of Missions to encourage their participation.

Carl Hadley & Dusty Rhodes bring supplies from Florida for the container to Liberia.  The generator trailer, a used generator, a fuel storage tank and school supplies will help the children of Liberia.  See a few pictures here.

Greater Love Bible Baptist Church to host Pastor Ken Hendon, Stockton California, for a 3 day Leadership Conference in conjunction with the National Pastor’s Leadership Conference in Liberia on August 17, 18 & 19 of this year.  See the flyer here.

“Now what exactly is it that you do?”  Since our calling is to serve those who are serving others, it is a little difficult to quickly explain what we do.  So we’ve created a few word pictures for you to look at and give us your opinion.  Also feel free to suggest other ideas as well.  Take a look here…

40’ Shipping Container scheduled to ship to Monrovia in approximately 1 month.  We offer a cost sharing opportunity for any ministry or individual that wants to ship goods over in the container.  The following unit costs are what is being shared between all participants and is based upon a $10,000 total cost estimate for trucking, shipping, customs and delivery.  There is no charge included for the receipt, storage or loading that we do (this is our ministry to you).





Linear Feet


 $     276.93

Square Feet


 $      38.68

Cubic Feet


 $        7.04


If you are interested in sending goods over please send us an email and we will provide the necessary information.  Any savings once all costs are paid will be returned to the participants.

Assist those serving by donating frequent flyer miles.  The cost to fly to Liberia is approximately $2,400.  This creates a hardship on those serving as each member pays his/her own way.  If you would like to help please contact us to find out if you can donate your frequent flyer miles to the ministry.  It takes 80,000 frequent flyer miles to provide one round-trip coach ticket.

Generator Trailer secured in cooperation with Liberian Ministries.  Tom Robershaw, a supporter of Liberian Ministries, located and purchased a generator trailer for use in Liberia.  Dusty Rhodes and Carl Hadley of West Florida picked up the trailer from Eglin Air Force Base for later delivery.  See a picture here…

First Logistic service begins.  Chuck & Melissa Clark and Rodney & Gayla Edwards spent Friday traveling from Murfreesboro to Memphis where they picked up an Ultrasound machine donated by Baptist College of Health Sciences in Memphis, TN to Greater Love Medical Clinic in Gardenersville, Liberia.  The equipment was secured through the efforts of FBC – Galt, CA.  The unit should be shipped out within 1 month.

ultrasound (600 x 450)

Crown Catalytic Event – Liberia is scheduled for November 10th & 11th in Monrovia with the Crown – Africa office in providing the speakers.  Learn about them here…

All Service To Servants participants and those interested are encouraged to attend the upcoming Crown Financial Ministries’ Spontaneous Growth seminar on September 8th & 9th in Gainesville, Georgia (northeast of Atlanta).  The cost is very reasonable and it will help you join into the initial effort of the leadership training for Liberia.  See more information here…

All meeting notes are available for review from the About Us main page.  Go to meeting notes now.  Also included are the Crown Financial Ministries’ Catalytic Event preliminary budget and timeline.


Beatrice Gbanga, medical trainer and missionary to Liberia, with Gayla Edwards of Service To Servants during a visit to Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

STS personnel attended Crown Financial Ministries’ Spontaneous Growth seminar in March.  Potential for bringing financial integrity training to Liberian pastors and business leaders is promising.  more…

Service To Servants is a Christian service organization surrendered to serving those who are doing God’s missionary work around the world.  Our initial country of service is Liberia, West Africa.  As additional opportunities and fellow laborers present themselves the countries and peoples served will expand.

“Surrendered to serving those on the mission field”